John King Golf Instruction

Let’s Improve Your Game

The goal at John King Golf is to teach golfers how to consistently lower scores. John King Golf provides players of all ages and abilities with practical solutions for ball control and long term game improvement. Improving individual swing patterns based on player’s mobility, flexibility and stability to produce the necessary patterns for a repeatable and powerful swing. Please contact John to schedule a lesson or golf school today!

Junior Golf

John King Golf offer training for juniors of all ages and skill level. Whether your junior golfer is a beginner, an intermediate golfer, a school golf team member, a competitive junior tour player, or a collegiate player, John King Golf offer specifically designed lessons, which focus on all aspects of the game including fundamentals, course management, and etiquette.

Multi-Site Instruction

John King Golf brings a unique multi-site opportunity making scheduling convenient for all players. The Golf Performance Studio of Auburn provides indoor training where there is never a rain delay and you never have to worry about losing daylight. The Golf Performance School at North Hampton offers instruction programs ranging from private lessons to three day golf schools. Contact us to schedule your next training session, lesson or golf school.